While We Slept

While we slept, the universe changed.

Not with slow creep or with modest hesitation, but with a roar and heralding blare of trumpets did change crash upon us.

While we slept the ashes of failure and defeat were cleansed by wind, and the embers of hope-that-was began to burn.

Some compared it to Christmas; to waiting silent in the dark, daring to strain our ears for the sound of bells jingling and elves tinkering. And as we tried in vain to close our eyes, our imaginations betrayed us.

While we slept, new wonders fell among us like ink upon a whetted page; like snowflakes that we chased like children on a winters day.

While we slept, towers grew mighty, and the machinations of war burned fierce. Time itself was slowed, the grounded were given wings, and giants were felled as the weak stood and screamed “no, we will not lay down!”

We are but sailors and satellites in a sea of endless black, and while we slept the stars shone a little brighter to light our way home.

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