Hyperion Navy Issue: And Other Ships They Don’t Want You To Know About


The door hissed shut, and the room was plunged into darkness; she held her breath as she felt the other people in the room move around and cough nervously. Someone sneezed.

“I can’t believe he actually cracked that firewall!”

“Didn’t even have to crack it dude. Heard he did a reboot into an admin’s home-network, broke HIS firewall, and then re-programed his access code to allow decryption”

Sophia pursed her lips and rubbed her temples; this was a mistake.

“Dude, that is awesome!”, an incredulous and somewhat high-pitched male voice said falteringly.

“I know, right! Not bad for a total noob!”; this one more nasally with a slight twinge of superiority.

“Guys! Lower your voices! This place coud totally be bu-”

“Erol can we please get some lights on in here?” Sophia interrupted.

Silence; a beat.

“Yeah give me a sec Soph.”

There was the click of a breaker box, and then large holo-monitor on the wall flicked to life, engulfing them in a phosphorescent blue-ish glow.


“Whoophish!” The owner of the nasal voice made a whip-cracking sound and gesture and snickered at Erol, “way to be totally whipped dude!”

Sophia stared at him deadpan, sill rubbing her right temple with her hand. “Seriously?”

He made a ‘whatever’ face and looked away.

“I can’t believe I actually came to this” She muttered to herself.

Erol had sent her one of his “urgent” and absurdly encrypted memo’s the other day by way of station bot-messenger (he was convinced that evemail was “totally watched”), asking her to come by one of his “hideouts” in the lower station to see something “crazy, something they don’t want you to see”, as the message had said.

In spite of every single piece of her rejecting the idea, she always ended up going to see what Erol was up to. He was young, paranoid, and really way more enthralled in books about espionage and intrigue then what might be healthy for an already paranoid personality, but he also happened to be a genius programer and hacker, and he’d definitely come in handy on a few occasions. Besides that, he’d been friends with her brother, so she overlooked the fact that most of his friends were tools.

The funny thing was, she knew they actually always wanted “the girl” there, as if the proximity of a different gender somehow lessened the staggering nerdness of these little clandestine sauge-fests of theirs; as if somehow she legitimized this whole thing.

“So stop stalling and show it man!” nasal-voice croaked out to Erol while staring at her chest. She kicked his chair, startling him, and put her jacked back on.

“Ok, guys, what you’re about to see is….is…just crazy. They don’t want you to know about this shit, but we need to spread the word and show the universe. The freedom of information must be preserved!”

She had to smirk; Erol was big on the theatrics. Still, it was hard to take anyone seriously in a bathrobe. She raised her hand.

“Yes Soph?”

“Yeah, Erol, hun, great to be here and all, and really, psyched to see what you’ve for for us today, but do you think you could maybe put some pants on? We talked about this.”

Nasal-voice, who was actually wearing a cape (seriously?), burst out laughing and pointed at Erol.

“POWNED DUDE! HAHA!” he choked out, cackling like an idiot, and elbowing their other shy friend to join in.

Sophia reached over and grabbed his ear, twisting hard.

“OW! What the fuck! Erol tell your girlfriend to get her fuckin hands off me!”

Sophia twisted harder and smiled politely at Erol.

Erol just started, non-perplexed at the pleasant-looking Sophia and his writhing, cursing friend. “Whatever, robes are comfortable” he said matter-of-factly. He turned back to the monitor. “Anyways, behold!” and with a slightly dramatic flourish, he touched the screen, bringing up the first image.

She let go of her grip on nasal-voice’s ear, and he stopped squirming. “Woah” he breathed.

Sophia stared at the screen. As always, she had to give Erol some props; this was pretty crazy intel he’d gotten his hands on.

“No stats available, cause I know you’re all thinking it, just these pictures so far” Erol said towards the screen, starring along with the rest of them. He touched the monitor again, bringing another snapshot to the full-frame:

Another hush fell over the group as they stared at the image in front of them. Nasal-voice looked like his eyes might actually leave his head, and Shy-guy was jittering and fidgeting in his seat like a like he had to use the bathroom.

“Erol, what exactly are we looking at here” she asked

“As far as I know, these are one-of-a-kinds so far. I couldn’t find any evidence of mass production or manufacturing, so I think these are prototypes.”

“Bad ASS prototypes!” Nasal butted in. She was inclined to agree.

Erol brought up the next image:

Wow. Sophia actually found herself for the first time with a strange urge to actually fly a Caldari Battleship. Shy-Guy kept trying to look at every point on the screen at once, his mouth wide open and breathing heavily.

Erol looked at Sophia, grinning. “You’re going to LOVE this one!” he gushed with some excitement.

And he was right. She didn’t even care what the stats were, she wanted one, now. As if reading her thoughts, Erol chimed in again.

NO Soph, I don’t have any stats for this one either”. She grinned at him.

“This next one is going to freak you guys out though, check it.”

That was it for Shy-Guy, who couldn’t contain himself anymore:

“THAT IS SO AWESOME!!” he all but squealed, literally jumping out of his chair and dropping his glasses on the floor.

Sophia had to admit, the ship in front of her, both in aesthetics and function, looked pretty incredible. What was that, a cruiser-sized Logi ship? She sat forward a bit more.

Erol flicked to the next screen.


Sophia had to laugh; poor Hurricane. Nasal of course felt a need to open his mouth: “Hey look! You got a spaceship for your girlfriend Erol! Does it shoot ‘make me a sandwich’ lasers?!” Nasal disolved into wheezy laughter before Sophia deftly kicked out the two legs of the chair he was leaning back into; laughter turned to more spitting and cursing as he was knocked to the floor. She smirked.

“What are you, on the rag?!” Nasal-voice fumed at her.

“Is ‘getting laid’ on your to-do list, like, at some point ever?” Sophia tilted her head and started at him quizzically. Nasal turned beet-red and angrily looked away.


Without warning, the room was suddenly plunged into darkness again as the monitor clicked off.


“It wasn’t me!”

It was then that they heard the whirring and buzzing screech of metal coming from the other side of the door. Nasal was off the floor in a heartbeat, panic in his eyes, and lit a pocket light. “Erol! Did you remember to bypass the admin trace?!?”

They all turned as he put his pocket light on Erol, who was staring at the front of his robe very determinedly without answering. Sophia acted first.

“Ok, backdoor? Emergency access? What’ve we got.” She looked around the small storage unit they were trapped in, the sound of the metal-shaving band-saw growing louder on the other side of the door. There; on the other side of the room behind a tarp-draped crate, she spied the panel to the emergency maintenance tunnel.

“Hey, Shy-guy! Help me move this!” she barked at the quiet one, moving towards the crate. Nasal jumped in and they managed to wedge it out of the way of the panel. Sophia snapped the blaster out of the holster at her hip and fired off four rounds, melting the bolts securing the door; Shy-guy stared in awe at the smoking weapon, Nasal was staring at her chest again. She kicked the door in and yelled at the two of them. “Move it! Head left, and get topside of station as soon as you can, and be quick!”

She shoved them through the doorway, ignoring the muttered “whatever, bitch” from Nasal and went to grab Erol, who was still trying to get the monitor to turn on.

“Erol, its go-time, lets move!” She grabbed his arm and hauled him out the access panel as the sounds of the main door giving way shrieked through the room. Quickly, they sprinted down the tunnel, up a flight of stair, and out another access door, bringing them out behind a dive-bar in the station’s shipping district. Sophia turned and bolted the door shut behind them. From here they could at least blend in with the crowd and make their way home.

“So, sorry about all that.” They were walking briskly through a crowded shopping district towards the train station. Erol looked perplexed and genuinely confused over the turn of events. She ruffled his hair.

“Don’t worry about it kid” she smirked, and he looked a little relieved.

“Oh but Erol?”


She stopped and looked at him.

“You need to find yourself some new friends.”



I can’t claim to be the finder of the ship displayed in this post. Instead, I found them here as posted by T’amber Anomandari Demaleon, and allegedly, you too can find these ships on SiSi although I haven’t gone to check myself. I do recommend going to check out some of the other examples in T’amber’s post though, there’s some pretty interesting stuff there. Enjoy!




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