Note: I intended to publish this little bit much earlier at a much more relevant time, but RL got in the way of final editing, and it lagged to the back of the to-do list. Originally, I decided to skip publishing it, as it was way past its current event tie-in, but I’ve since decided to re-edit and post it anyways. Enjoy!


Her face buzzed.


There it was again, the left side of her face buzzing, like a hornet inside her temple.

“What the…”

Light, as she opened her eyes a crack, and then squeezed them shut, trying to drown out the irritating drilling noise coming through the side of her skull.

The com-unit burried under her half-awake cheek buzzed again.

“Who in the HELL is calling me at 3 a.m.”

She squinted in the darkness at the screen, before recognizing the face of her associate. Sophia frowned; what could she possibly need at this hour? She grudgingly toggled the anwer button and held the device up to her ear. “mmm….whats wrong lady?” she mumbled, laying her head back down on her pillow.

“Dump your oxytopes, now”

Sophia frowned again, “what?” Her associate on the other end repeated herself, stressing for effect:

“Dump. Your. Oxytopes. Now.”

Sophia was suddenly keenly aware of the urgency in her friends voice; she picked her head up and sat up-right.

“Wait, whats wrong?” she said stone-faced, awake now as she flicked on the light next to her bed.

“Mittens has officially announced the end of the Goons’ Ice Interdiction, they’re going to War”

Her alertness rose another notch as she shook off the remainder of her sleep.

“Wait, that means…yikes” she didn’t finish her sentence before she swung her legs out of bed and reached for her boots.

“Yeah, exactly” her friend replied on the other end. “You need to lose those stockpiles like, yesterday, because there’s going to be a bank-run as soon as this spreads”

Sophia was already running up the gang-way to the hanger, keying up her Obelisk and pre-loading the hold.

“Check Dodixie prices for me, I’m checking Jita right now” she barked into the com, completely awake now.

“I’m seeing 1,485 isk a unit here, Jita looking better?”

Sophia checked the market window on her control panel as she finished loading “Speed Demon” with the last of her stocks: “forget it, thirteen-hundred something; guess the word already spread here.” she grimaced: “shit” she muttered under her breath.

“Pack it up and MOVE it then, by morning this is going to tank”

“I’m leaving now, be there in about 15 jumps”

She was running on adrenaline now. Sometimes, it was the thrill of combat that threw your pulse into over-clocked mode, and then there were times like this, when literally billions were riding on how fast you could whip your fat-assed freighter 15 jumps. She paused for a second to smile though:

“Hey, humor me…what’d we buy in at again?” She grinned and bit her lip

“480 a unit-” her associate paused as she did the quick math in her head; she whistled “damn girl, looks like Christmas is coming early this year”

Sophia was grinning ear to ear as she gazed out over her completely full freighter-load of oxygen isotopes.

“yes…yes it is.” She smiled, disconnected from her friend and chuckled

“Thanks Mittens” she said, smirking, and entered her pod; time to haul ass.


So apparently, the Ice Interdiction is in fact over, and this girl is cashing out. When news first hit of The Mittani’s plan to use his Swarm to screw with the oxygen isotope market, I literally dropped what I was doing, logged in, and bought close to 5 million units of oxytopes at 480 isk a unit. As my associate so aptly put it, Christmas IS indeed coming early; thanks for the 5 billion isk profit Mittens!

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