[OOC] Vagabond 3rd Party Services

Over the past few months, I’ve noticed an unavoidable and substantial drop in the amount of free time I have to set aside for Eve. This is not a permanent thing, but for the time being, clawing my way up that corporate ladder in the real world unfortunately takes precedent over flying pretty spaceships; poo 😦 . Again thought, this is not a permanent thing, and I apologize to my legion of 4 active readers (hi mom!) who read this blog for the lack of recent content; I promise, there are new stories hovering in the wings.

In the meantime, I’ve decided that now would be as good a time as ever to announce a new in-game venture of mine: “Vagabond Third Party Holdings“. This idea is born out of a desire to stay connected to this game I love, and from the suggestions of more than a few friends, and after a good deal of hemming and hawing, I’ve decided to go public with a service I already offer to a few people.

Vagabond Holdings (I know, how official does that sound? I think I need a new pantsuit for this one) will offer a safe, trusted, and reliable way to secure large-item transfers between individuals in-game. In the past, I’ve handled the exchange of wormholes, BPOs, a supercap (Nyx), and POS set-ups; a few days ago, I acted as third party in my 2nd Super-Capital exchange, involving the sale of a  travel-fit Wyvern.

I know a few of these services already exist (and I’m sort of unabashedly copying Nashh Kadavr here), but seeing as this is something I already do in-game for a few friends, as well as being a very low time-in-game activity, I wanted to let it out to the community and see if there’s any interest. To add to this, I can and will supply numerous testimonials, and as a respected member of the Incursions community, active and in both the BTL Armor and the Ditanian Fleet channels as a well-known logi pilot, reputations means a lot to me. Standard fee to begin with will be 2% on the value of transaction, and yes, thats negotiable.

I do not as of yet have a fancy website like Nashh, but expect one soon (related; WTB: fancy website like Nashh). Questions or concerns are more than welcome, and can be posted here as a comment, directed to me in-game (Sophia Jackson), or on twitter (@sophiavagabond). Watch this space for more info!





Off to a great start! Last week I oversaw the sale and transfer of a Class 5 wormhole space from its j-space weary former occupants to its brave new adventurers, and I wish them the best of luck! Also, just this afternoon I was the happy neutral party to the sale of another Wyvern (so what’s with everyone selling their Wyvern these days?) that went flawlessly. Both parties walked away happy, and me with my 2% fee. Again, any questions or inquires can be directed to my  (Sophia Jackson) in-game or always feel free to tweet me (@sophiavagabond) on twitter.

3 thoughts on “[OOC] Vagabond 3rd Party Services

  1. Still in the market for a website? I’m not sure if it’s something you’re willing to invest real money in, but if you are, my company can provide those services. Check out Smethod.com if you’re so inclined.

    Also… I’m loving your blog. 🙂

      • No problem, I like to be able to help people out.

        Yeah, my eve ideas I referenced in the other post have come in various forms. What I’d really like to do is an animated series but the amount of work that involves is staggering. Not only would it involve animation and writing, but you’d have sound effects and lining up people to do the audio for the dialogue as well.

        So I more or less brought the concept down to a comic level. I did write up a good portion of the first installment but it’s still rough. I may take you up on your offer for writers when I can devote more time to the project. Perhaps we can even toss in something about a spoon made from tengu armor. 😉

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