The Exchange

“Ok, cyno lit”

The negative space around her tiny ship crackled and hummed, and the stars seemed to dim as the raw energy portal ripped into being. She felt her ship tremor, a rumbling felt from the inside to the out, as the flash grew rapidly bigger and brighter, burning red and hot with electricity until suddenly it flashed violently, the light blinding her.

“Holy shi….”

Her associate dropped off and gave a low whistle over coms from her own frigate 30 km from Sophia.

The Supercarrier was simply enormous; its massive bulk took up almost her entire view, bleeding into her peripheral vision and blotting out the nebulae behind it. She had to shake her head; as many times as she saw one out in the field, she never ceased to be amazed at just how fucking big these ships were.

The Wyvern glided majestically to a dead halt, smoothly and seemingly effortlessly considering its extreme size, before the thundering of its power-cycle could be felt as it powered down its systems. Her comm crackled again.

“Jesus, they sure don’t skimp when they make em do they?”

She grinned at her associate and chuckled “alright, time to pick your jaw up over there and watch for those numbers.”

She briefly checked scan, happy to see that aside from the buyer sitting in his safe-spot in his shuttle, the system was still clean.

“Now this” she murmured to herself “is how you do it”.

She was good at this, and she knew it. Being a middleman was actually more work than one might guess, but it was leg work she enjoyed. Really, it was all about knowing people, and how to talk to them and not just at them. Finding the buyers was its own unique challenge, hanging on trust and bit of faith in a big way, and the seller was no easier. But that was part of the process in finding a mutual solution, which involved getting to know both parties, holding their hands, and letting them know it was going to be ok.

Sophia moved her drone out for a wider view of the ship as she paged her buyer: “We’re all set up on this end darlin; system is empty, and seller is here, and scans show the non-armed travel fit as negotiated.”

She could actually here the sigh of relief from his side of the line as he answered, giddy with excitement: “Man, I’ve been waiting for this day! Sending full amount your way.”

Her wallet chirped; yeah, that was a lot of zeros. She buzzed through to her associate: “we good?”

“Yeah, we’re pretty awesome actually! Seventeen billion is a LOT of zeros!!”

She laughed as her associate warped her small cyno ship away, her job complete. Then she switched to the mutual line with both parties.

“Ok gentlemen, funds have been transfered. Seller, if you would be so kind as to eject and warp to our pre-arranged location?”

Her seller chuckled, “man I can’t WAIT to get the hell out of this thing and stretch my legs!”

She watched the hiss of vented gas from her cloaked Recon as the behemoth of a ship ejected the small and frail pod.

“Freedom!!” The seller hollered over the comm, and she watched him warp his pod in the direction of the safe location where a shuttle was waiting for him. She confirmed, and watched as the buyer warped onto grid and approached his new home. She paged back to her wallet again, separated off her fee, and wired the remaining figure to the seller.

“Buyer, you are clear to board; seller, isk transfered.”

The comm line buzzed: “holy shit, it smells like farts in here!”

Both parties erupted into laughter as she rolled her eyes and grinned.

“We good here gentlemen? Buyer, is your cyno ready?”

“Yeah, we’re great here, thanks so much again!” her buyer gushed.

“Yeah, I’m good too. Seriously appreciate the setup Soph”. Her wallet blinked as the seller finished; her account flashed a 100mil deposit.

“Thats for your help again, just think of that as a tip”. She grinned again.

“Gentlemen, enjoy your new isk and toy, and thanks again for the business!”

She listened to their thanks in return as she warped away, plotting a course back to empire for the lunch meeting she had setup with a Wormhole corp looking to buy. Yeah, she was good at this.

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