[OOC] Whats In MY Hanger…

If there’s one thing that can be said about Eve bloggers (ok, this is already a poorly written statement; there is a LOT of things that can be said about Eve bloggers, but anyways 😉 ), its that we love our little memes. The current trend, kick-started by the brilliant and triumphant return of Rixx Javix to Eve and its community, is a replay of one I know I’ve seen before, but I’m always eager to read about: whats in the hangers of the writers of Eve?

That cringe-worthy joke you’re looking for is “what, you bloggers who spend all your time screwing around on twitter and writing about pixel spaceships actually undock?” Shockingly enough, on rare occasions, we do in fact find the time to poke our heads out of station. With this in mind, and because everyone loves a good bandwagon, I thought I might contribute!

Sophia’s Hanger:

This should be prefaced with a little note that I am extraordinarily messy in Eve; like, embarrassingly messy. I have crap across most of high, a smattering of low, and a pocketful of null security space, with even a few long-lost trinkets forgotten in w-space; its a character flaw, but I’m working on it.

So for today’s purposes, I’m including all the ships I own in the general area where I reside in Gallente high-sec.

Viator – Marilyn – It seems a lot of people who’ve jumped on this “hanger” trend so far have themes they stick to when naming ships; I’m no exception. My theme tends to be classy and brassy ladies from history. Named after Ms. Monroe herself, and a nod towards my frequent low-null hauling runs with it: everybody wants who spots her wants her; no one can hold her down ;).

Orca – Margaret Thatcher – Another take-no-shit lady; large, bossy, and full of secrets.

Obelisk – Speed Demon – I’m a sucker for irony.

Anshar –  Ursula – Something about this ship makes me think of that bitch from The Little Mermaid every single time. Go on, tell me I’m wrong. Quite honestly I hardly ever fly this thing these days, and I should probably sell it (especially with prices what they are).

Iteron Mark V  – Jita Hauler – I own this for one purpose, and that is to load it up with expensive looking but shit faction mods and slowly cruise through the Dodixie-Jita pipe enticing fail-gankers to take a shot in order to KM-whore with its one rail gun. This has made for some amazing killmails.

Curse – Eastwick – Curses = witches, + a dash of Jack Nicholson. I’m so clever.

Helios – Elenor Rigby – In the fab four we trust.

Guardian – Whambulance – My Incursion RR ship. As a Logi pilot, you start to find humor in newer Incursion pilots utterly freaking out on coms when they start to get primaried in sites. To date though, I’ve never let anyone lose a ship during an Incursion, and if I have my way, I never will.

Daredevil – Edie Sedgwick – Warhol’s muse; sexy, crazy, fast, and a whole lot of fun. I won this toy from Rixx for a little story I spun about him ;).

Scorpion Navy Issue – Daisy Buchanan – I’ve probably read The Great Gatsby 140 times. Daisy was a mission ship of mine for a while before I upgraded to a Tengu.

Proteus – Ingrid Bergman – No real association here, except that I’m a total sucker for old movies, and Stromboli is always a classic. Also I was listening to a lot of Billy Bragg’s cover of Woodie Guthrie’s opus, and it just may be the greatest folk song about handjobs ever written. Seriously.

Tengu – Paper Planes – I have used this, my first big expensive ship purchase, for a number of things: low/null/WH exploration, scouting, level 4 missions, and even covert hauling. Point being, 90% of its life has been with a tank the size of a wet towel, yet its somehow survived even some heart-poundingly close near-death experiences. In addition, the song by M.I.A. sort of became my mission-running anthem for a while there (oh god, and now its in my head again…)

And of course besides that, there’s the usual tangled assortment of t1 frigates, cruisers, and other bits that float around most pilot’s hangers collecting dust. Meme achievement unlocked!

So…whats in YOUR hanger pilot?


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