Sassiness Is a Warm Gun – The Return to Industry

It has recently been brought to my attention that apparently, blogs don’t write themselves. Believe me, I was as shocked and appalled as you are. Job, a social life (<nelson> “haha!” </nelson>), deciding to get back into marathon running, and that writing a blog about spaceships is :effort: means I’ve been a teeny bit behind in my posts around here; and by “teeny bit” I mean I haven’t posted since, uh, May 😦 .

I may stay off the fiction bit for a little while, or at least do in-character posts much more intermittently because writing an Eve fiction blog tends to be :effort:^2  , but also because I kind of fancy turning this into an industry journal-type blog for a while. Why is that? Because yesterday I was super-motivated and inspired by Locke Fox with the release of his newest blog, “Everything You Never Wanted To Know: Invention“. Go read it; if you have any spreadsheet-nerd in you at all when it comes to Eve, you’re going to squeal.

So, I decided now was as good a time as any to dust off the somewhat substantial collection of Industry skills I’d been using as second-hand Christmas present wrapping since I trained them two years ago and actually do something useful with them. Also, I plan to chronicle this “Return to Science” here. So if you’re ready, and I know I am, lets get started. Leave your PvP at the door and put on your furry hats and gloves…we’re about to go full-carebear.


Part 1: In Which Sophia Gets Sassy, Decides to Invent a Wolf, & Dives Into Tech 3 Production:

Because it was a Tuesday, and I was feeling sassy, I decided that for my first trick, I would skip the pleasantries and go right into invention; I’ve always been one to skip right to lesson 5 in a guide book. I knew I had a number of T1 frigate BPOs from a long, long time ago in a galaxy system far far away piling up at an old base of mine in Sinq Laison high-sec, so I headed there first to scope out what I was working with. On the way, I also discovered that there were two whole batchesof Rifter’s there that I’d seemingly never even had delivered (*awkward titter*). Boy am I rusty.

I dipped around snagging the skillbooks I’d need for inventing a Wolf from a Rifter before heading to my blueprint base. Then I made the mistake of taking a sip of my drink before looking at the wait times for copying and almost spit my scotch out all over the keyboard: 40 &*%@ing days?! Are you fracking kidding me!? .


Grumbling, and wondering for probably the 11th time in the past hour if this was at all worth it, I packed up my rifter BPO and went hunting.


In the meantime, I also called up Chruker’s Invention Calculator to input what I had: 30% base chance for frigates? Check. Level 1 skills in all relevant encryption and datacore skills? Sure! Adding optional items? Nope! Overall chance of sucess…30.51%.

…riiiight. It seems training those skills to 4 is probably a good idea.

Down but not beaten (and again, wondering why on earth I was doing this), I continued on. A few systems and one region over, I finally found an open slot. Of course, it was 3 jumps into low-sec in Adeel, BUT, with prices like that, and a quick look at dotlan, Adeel had a deal (I couldn’t resist!). Swapping into a Covert Ops Helios for good measure, I headed off. Dotlan also mentioned 37 ship kills and 6 podkills in the past hour in the neighboring lowsec entrance but…I was feeling lucky foolish. Sassy Sophia snubs her nose at gate camps.


I ended up making it to Adeel with no issues at all and got my copy job started on my Rifter BPO. With the aid of further pestering of Locke Fox on twitter, which I’d been doing all afternoon, we finally just decided to chat in-game, and as it happens, the Fox is an utter genius and total gentleman.

He walked me through every dumb question I had about the invention and further tech 2 production chains, including tips on POS setup, recommending a service for setting up a high-sec POS, what costs to mitigate by building and what to just buy, what to expect cost-wise, and so much more. We eventually started talking about Tech 3 production as well, something I’ve been sort of mulling over the past few weeks, and something he might be getting into soon.

Though Locke has a serious head-start on me, my path was now clear, and I spent the next 20 minutes reading up on tech 3 production, shaking my head while mouthing the words “you have got to be fucking kidding me”, refilling my glass, and coming up with the following disgustingly long skillplan:

-Minmatar Starship Engineering 2
-Minmatar Encryption Methods 2
-Mechanical Engineering 3
-Minmatar Starship Engineering 3
-Minmatar Encryption Methods 3
-Mechanical Engineering 4
-Minmatar Starship Engineering 4
-Minmatar Encryption Methods 4
-Reverse Engineering 1
-Reverse Engineering 2
-Reverse Engineering 3
-Reverse Engineering 4
-High Energy Physics 1
-High Energy Physics 2
-High Energy Physics 3
-High Energy Physics 4
-Electronic Engineering 1
-Electronic Engineering 2
-Electronic Engineering 3
-Electronic Engineering 4
-Graviton Physics 1
-Graviton Physics 2
-Graviton Physics 3
-Graviton Physics 4
-Quantum Physics 1
-Quantum Physics 2
-Quantum Physics 3
-Quantum Physics 4
-Nanite Engineering 1
-Nanite Engineering 2
-Nanite Engineering 3
-Nanite Engineering 4
-Hydromagnetic Physics 1
-Hydromagnetic Physics 2
-Hydromagnetic Physics 3
-Hydromagnetic Physics 4
-Offensive Subsystem Technology 1
-Propulsion Sybsystem Technology 1
-Electronic Subsytem Technology 1
-Engineering Subsystem Technology 1
-Defensive Subsytem Technology 1
-Jury Rigging 4
-Jury Rigging  5
-Cruiser Construction 5

Of course, this bumps my current dual Archon/Thanatos plan up by like, 4 months (yes, my skillplan involves cross training for two different racial Carriers at once, what? =P ), but I’ve decided the Cap ship plan can wait until I’m up to my elbows in Sleeper tech and subsystems. Total cost from here skill-book-wise is around 160mil. This skillplan will allow me to build Lokis and all Minmatar subsystems, but luckily, the cross-over to other races is fairly easy, with just the need to train that specific racial starship engineering to level 4. Added surprise benefits of this skillplan include being able to fit tech 2 rigs and the ability to pop dictor bubbles. One question I’m still looking for clarification on is if the  level of subsystem technology skill effects any outcome at all, or if they just need to be trained to lvl 1.

With Eve very successfully on the way to becoming a second full-time job for me, I uneasily down the rest of my 3rd drink of the evening while contemplating what I’ve just signed myself up for. Feeling substantially less sassy, I curl up in bed to the warm glow of the  Tech 3 production guide on my iPhone. Take me sleep, I’m yours.



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