Glitz and Glamour

The industry game, as I’m beginning to remember, is a lot thankless grunt-work. I spent the better part of last night logistics-hauling stuff around, mostly moving things from two of my high-sec bases to what is shaping up to be my new industry home closer to Jita. In hindsight, it would have been way easier to put most of the minerals I carted around in courier contracts or hired out to Red Frog; sadly, I didn’t really think of this until later.

My logistical woes were in part due to my extreme paranoia concerning the Goonswarm Miniluv high-sec suicide gate camps. I’m not one of those whiney types that cries on the forums about “mean people” blowing up my AFK freighter (I happen to enjoy laughing at silly people like that), and I actually  think what they’re doing is fairly amusing, not to mention smart, but just the same, I’d rather not become a killboard statistic. Also, since I seem to have a leg up on most other industrial/freighter pilots in that I can read, I’ve become somewhat competent in my travels in being able to spot a Miniluv trap when I see one (“No one expects the spanish inq Cynabal!”).

So part of my schlepping issues last night had to do with the 2 traps (or at least perceived camps… :paranoid:) I was noticing on my routes. Rather than taking a gamble I would probably end up losing, I broke down my Freighter and Orca routes, stopping short of the camp systems and using t1 haulers to quickly zip stuff back and forth across the trouble spots, to be finished up later when the Miniluv KB was NOT reporting freighter ganks in the very system I was about to freighter through.

Seeing as I didn’t get blowed up, I’m calling it a win, but the amount of time wasted in all the back-and-forth stuff probably evens that out. Up FAR later than I wanted to be, I put a few more BPCs in the cooker, and updated my skill queue with some of the last levels of certain skills I’ll be needing for invention. Not all glitz and glamour this carebear stuff, I can tell you, but I think I’m getting the hang of it 😉 .


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