Wolf at the Table

I threw myself into the utterly thankless job of hauling giant amounts of crap around the past few nights as I began to zero-in on a new industry home closer to Jita. I also decided to use one of my neural remaps to re-spec for Intel/Memory, seeing as my new gigantic skill queue is almost exclusively Industry and Science-based.

One of the pearls of wisdom that Lockefox passed my way was the virtues of using a corp standings service over grinding them yourself when you’re planning to put up a highsec POS. With a base Caldari standing of -2.43 (damn you Fed Navy missions!), I’ve decided that paying 100m for a temporary standings boosting alt is a far better idea than ratting my way through Guristas rats for the next year; yuck. So I also took this time to contact the service to negotiate.

Hauling complete though, it was time to check in on my first round of invention attempts: drum-roll please, and let the nail-bitting commence.

Invention has always been a bit of a monkey on my back. Though I’ve done plenty of production in Eve, there has always been a mean, unapproachable look to invention. Everything about it, from the skills necessary to the complex-looking formulas surrounding have always convinced me to put it off for another time. This time though, I was determined to meet it head-on.

For my first try, I’d attempted 6 invention jobs (the limit of my skills, though as of writing this that’s now at 7 jobs on its way to 8) with Rifter BPCs in attempts to yield Wolf BPCs. With my current invention and relevant datacore skills at 3 and a base % chance of frigates being 30%, my predicted success rate was 34.61%; 1/3 odds for my first try was something I was willing to go with. For each invention process, I also sacrificed up one Rifter but no decryptors, as they all seem to be on the expensive side for a consumable *chance* equation, and also because I’m not entirely sure how they work.

But back to the present: the first two inventions failed miserably, the news of which Eve related to me in the most cryptic way possible, but on the 3rd job: success!

Again with the cryptic wording…

I had two more fails after that, followed my yet another successful job, bringing me right in range of that 1/3 chance prediction. Not bad!


Invention, I’ve come to realize, has a high bar for entry only in its vague wording and mechanics, which I feel deter a lot of people. The basic principals are simple enough though, and understanding them as I do now, it makes the whole process much more approachable. As of writing this, I’ve got 7 more invention attempts going, with an 8th going in in an hour when Advanced Laboratory Operation level 2 completes.

I’m quite pleased with the results of this first attempt, especially since the buy-in cash needed to try it out was so low. We’ll see how I do with better skills and more attempts, but having faced the invention monster and won, I definitely plan on continuing down this road. Plans for now include continued work on my “Big” construction project, watching those skills tick by as I inch my way towards T3 production, and attempting more Wolf inventions along the way.

3 thoughts on “Wolf at the Table

  1. Don’t use T1 ships in invention process, it doesn’t increase the invention chance!!

    And decryptors is a good idea, usually +2 run one for smaller ships (Operation Handbook for Minmatar).

    • lol, I’ve been meaning to post a follow up to that. Yes, I’ve long since realized my embarrassing move of using t1 ships in the initial process *awkward face*. I have been using the +2 run decryptors, but I’ve also found that the +1 with +2/+5 ME/PE modifiers do nice things for build costs, not to mention a nice little boost to probability.

  2. I found it’s best to use +2 decryptors as I don’t want to babysit processes every day. For T2 cruiser hulls, my cycles are 3-4 days depending on hull, so I only have to spend couple hours twice a week.

    +1 decryptors, while have better ME, in total would give me slightly less profit/hour due to increased building time. But then I have highly standardized process and make 700 T2 cruiser hulls a month, which is quite a lot.

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