Grand Schemes and Lofty Ideas

Invention results have been moving at totally consistent rates with where my skills are right now; still doing a flatline 1/3 chance of success, but hope to get that higher as I get relevant datacore skills up to level 4. They only real pinch-point in the operation right now is getting enough BPCs to accommodate my invention slots. Hopefully though, this little roadblock will be removed once I get my tower up and cranking. I’ve also begun training a second production character for building, to be followed by invention skills later. For now though, this little worker bee will be my factory bitch once the tower is up, especially as I plan to expand fairly soon into T2 cruisers and varied larger tech 1 ships.

Every journey begins with one small blah blah blah

In other news, I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time on my new favorite blog Eve-Fail learning all about Capital production, cap component BPO buying and researching, and a lot of other crafty-type activities that are quite frankly over my head in terms of start-up cash needed. Just the same, its been piquing my interests in a major way, and I’ve started toying with the idea of moving into Carrier production. Of course, with me, strange and lofty “ideas” have a creeping way of turning into strange and lofty realities, so I’ve been eve-mailing Parasoja for start-up ideas, putting together late-night spread-sheets (soooo many spreadsheets!), and liquidating some junk I had lying all over into cold hard cash to possibly start pumping into this project.

The threshold for getting into Cap production seems to be around 24 billion iskies (like I said, slightly over my head), which I’d actually probably have if I sold off just about everything I own. So instead, I’ve starting to look into the concept of loans or IPOs in Eve, though I know absolutely nothing about how they work. After my asset liquidation over the past few days, I’m sitting on around 17 billion isk liquid cash, and to get into this full-swing, I’d like around 30bil startup. But again, I have no idea how to approach something like this, so this will take some investigating. After all, who loans someone 13billion isk in this game? 😉

Now I think I’m going to need a spreadsheet just to keep track of all these grand schemes…

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