Something Big This Way Comes

I think I’ve hinted at certain “Big projects” I have in the works here and on twitter recently, and I’m happy to present the first glimpse of these plans:

While I’m not quite ready to into full production (still have some BPOs to collect, and some builder/refining alts to finish up on), this Obelisk is the first of hopefully many Capital hulls coming soon to solar system near you! The freighter was a first attempt to see how I felt about massive Capital-scale logistics and mineral hauling, and seeing that I felt pretty good about it, I feel confident moving into Carriers sooner than later.

In the meantime, T2 copy/invention cycles are moving along nicely at my newly-up-and-running space castle, and large-scale production of T2 Frigates and Cruisers should begin shortly (again, just need to finish up some pesky alt skills).

Now, if you do happen to spot some deals on Capital component BPOs and feel like send it my way, well, you know where to find me ;).

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