Industry Update

With great power comes great responsibility; though with great power also comes helplessness and defeat in the face of a terrible, terrible Science & Industry UI. Oh the redundancies…

Meanwhile, back at le château de Sophia, my tech 2 production line is running at almost full steam now, with two 10-slot invention characters and the ability to run 20 manufacturing lines at a time. Originally I’d gone with a medium tower with the forethought that it would be sufficient for two invention characters once I got an alt properly set up, but it appears I’ve got the power to probably get more like 3 full-time invention characters cranking away at it, which subsequently also means I’ll be needing reading glasses and another mouse pretty soon. The question is, remap one of my production characters into invention, or indulge in one of my guilty pastimes: scrolling through the Character Bazaar (I have a weird fascination in watching people “sell themselves” on a marketplace) for under-priced research alts.

For now, production-wise, I’m pumping out Minmatar and Amarrian T2 Cruisers (mostly HACs and Recons), though I still have a pretty substantial pile of Rifter and Thrasher BPCs I might try and get rid of at some point as well. Returns have been, well, very good, which makes me  pretty appreciative of the homework I did before I just jumped into it. I toyed with the idea of producing my own build parts for my chain, but have ultimately abandoned that plan, as it turned out to be a lot of extra clicking to effectively break even.

I’ve also decided to shelve the tech 3 production plans after looking at the abysmal returns on subsystem production. The amount of work and capital involved for what appear to be returns in realm of tech 1 production is sort of a wet blanket on that idea for the time being. Alternately though, Blake at k162space recently posted his intent to get in on the T3 game, along with calling it a good investment, and since he’s a much, much better (or at least much more versed and experienced) Industrialist than me, I might see if I can pick his brain to see what about the process I’m missing that could possibly make it worthwhile.

My goals now are to streamline the entire process to avoid unnecessary Jita trips when forgetting to purchase items or not purchasing enough for the production run (there is nothing in this universe worse than getting home and realizing you left the milk 30 trillion miles away on the counter at the Jita grocery store). I do most of my hauling in a speed-fit Orca, which makes the trip at pretty much battleship speeds, but as production grows, it might be time to switch back over to Freighters.

Future plans include a third invention character, branching into T2 weaponry, and possibly trying larger ship invention.


P.S. A big hug and congrats to one of the best pilots I know, Rory Pruzis, on his acceptance into Rote Kappelle! Ladies, he’s single, charming, a Rote pilot, and I have his phone #; bids start at 1bil ;).

5 thoughts on “Industry Update

    • I suppose I’ll try the research again. I did the numbers on the big-priced components I go through (Fernite Armor Plates, etc), and there was hardly a difference; and this is with max-skilled production efficiency characters.

  1. I’ve found that the returns on components are definitely worth it too. I calculate the profit/day both for building the hull and for building the components. Hulls vary wildly from +20 mil/day down to negative numbers. The components, however, are generally quite profitable. I can usually make 9-12mil/day on each of my production lines, and since components take so much time to build that means I can run a lot of production lines in parallel. I also found it worthwhile to add a couple of “Component Assembly Array”s to my POS to get the 0.75 job time multiplier.

    Of course if you have a good deal with a T2 component producer (and pay less than Jita prices) the numbers may turn out different for you.

  2. Ran calculations again – if I bought all the components from Jita sell prices, the hulls would be loss-making. Strange how you manage to turn profit on that.

    (on ships that is, on T2 items it better to buy the components)

    • I’ll have to take another look at my maths it seems. I get my components from a mix of buy and sell orders, so while I’m certainly not making hulls at a loss, I’m sure I could be increasing those returns with some tightening up of things. I’m probably going to move back to +2 run decryptors for the same reason you mentioned as well.

      I really appreciate your feedback though; looks like I’m going to go back to the spreadsheets and work some magic and re-evaluating component build costs. Thanks again for the advice! (and I’m extremely jealous of your monthly output!)

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