Bubbles: Defined

I’ve been meaning to post this for two weeks now! Got a little sidetracked (more on that soon), but still felt it was worth posting about.


A few months ago, as features and game changes concerning Retribution started to trickle out, the more astute and industry-minded amongst the playerbase began to scheme. As Eve players, we like to think of ourselves as fairly clever, and this was a perfect example of that slightly narcissistic  insular thinking:

To everyone (myself included!) who fancied themselves clever speculating on changes to t1 logi cruisers and frigates come Retribution:


And yes, I’m one of the “many other players” mentioned in Corestwo’s post; so much for ingenuity ;).

“Over-saturation” doesn’t even come close to in this scenario. Due to the cheap price-points of t1 cruiser and frig BPOs, the build-rate leading into Retribution for these was HUGE. Heck, I expected “huge” but it turns out the actual scale of the stockpiling was inconceivably massive. Never underestimate Goons with deep pockets ;). Todays new DevBlog underscores it perfectly:



Luckily, I truly only “speculated”, rather than “invested” in this project. In total, I stockpiled around a thousand or so each of the frigates and a couple hundred cruisers. Corestwo was also correct in saying that while it will be months, if not years, until those who bought into this see any big-percent profit, there’s certainly some profit so far. I was originally undecided whether to sit on or sell my stocks, but seeing as the isk I’ve got tied up in it isn’t all that much, I’m not in any real rush.


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