Call Me Gordon Gekko

I’d first like to put a HUGE THANK YOU out there to everyone who contacted me after the sack of Rome Castle de Sophia Winterfell my POS. It’s been quite humbling to have so many offers of refuge as well as monetary assistance (especially one extremely generous person, you know who you are!), and all I can say is, ya’ll are the greatest.

Through a former corpmate, it looks like I have found a new home with Eve Engineering, which I will be joining as my own sovereign corp. On the one side of things, its going to be a change of pace being back in an active alliance as I’m used to flying solo (figuratively, literally), but its a bit exciting to look forward to some more in-game interaction. Plus I get to stay queen of my own little kingdom. EE has built itself on a “you get what you give” mentality and I think it’s going to be a great fit for me. They even dropped a holding tower in my old spot until the standings boosting service I use can allow me to put up a new one! And so, like a beautiful, slightly New-Years-Eve-hungover Phoenix, I will rise (shakily, demanding advil) from the ashes to claim what is mine.

In the meantime I’ve started dabbling in my side project of Jita station-trading. I’ve done some retail trading (buying-moving-reselling) before, but  lost interest due to all the back-and-forth freighting. However, after being inspired by re-reading Blake’s trading guides over at k162Space, I decided to jump right into the snake-pit and try to muscle in on station-trading at Jita 4-4. The .01 isk game is an obnoxious headache at first, but there is I’m sure a certain amount of finesse and market knowledge that I’ll hopefully pick up along the way; that or a drinking problem.

As I’ve read more and more about station trading and the various fees involved, its also come to my attention that my abysmal Caldari standings  (thanks for nothing Gallente grinding) may be effecting more than my ability to put up a POS. And seeing as I conduct most of my business in Caldari space, those -2 faction standings are going to start cutting into my profits. So I’ve been mulling over the idea of using “The Plan” to repair some of my terrible standings while simultaneously trying to balance not hurting my good ones.

…Jinkies, is it happy hour yet?

Thanks again to Eve Engineering for taking me in, and I’m looking forward to getting Tower 2.o up and cranking. Updates soon.


6 thoughts on “Call Me Gordon Gekko

  1. Make sure to have if possible max or close to it Accounting & Brokerage Relation skills which will reduce your Taxes on Market Trades. Some Social skills can helps as well like in Diplomacy if not to raise your standing with Caldari from looking quite poor. Especially since your trying to Trade in Jita and it being Caldari Navy Station.

    Every bit that helps to raise your standing with Caldari Navy Station/Jita helps to reduce your Brokerage Taxes and that have significant impact on Station Trading Profit Margins. Good Luck on Station Trading.

    • Thanks! This “side project” has been in the wings for a while, so I’ve actually got broker relations to 5 and working on accounting 5 now. But the Diplomacy skill I didn’t even think of, so thanks for that! I’m at a -2.43 with Caldari right now, which isn’t shoot-on-sight, but should definitely be higher if I’m living and working out of Caldari space these days

      edit: even just diplomacy 1 brings me up to -1.93!

      • It works like this… the higher your personal Standing is with an NPC Corp the lower your Brokerage Taxes will be. I’m sure you can figure that out from there. So you kinda have a penalty against you trying to trade in a station that your somewhat hostile to as it relates to Standing. So year you will have much to repair in Standing to make nice with Caldari.

      • Yep, thats a grind I am REALLY not looking forward to. The repair plan should do wonders for it though as long as I reject missions against other empires. Right now I use a service to boost my standings for a week in order to put towers up because that 7.0 standing with Caldari (and thats RAW standings, not including social skills) would be like 2 years of grinding. Puke.

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