Revenge: Best Served By Others – A “Being Terrible” Follow-Up

There was a time, not so very long ago, when I was terrible and lost a tower to a cheap gang of war-dec scammers. All-in-all, it was a learning experience, and really it only cost me a 750mil POS setup (I declined the offer of “ransom”) to learn it.

Yet here we are a few weeks later, and I got to thinking “Gee, where are they now?” Me being the first war declaration from my old tower-wrecking friends, I felt slightly special. And so, like the first-girlfriend-with-a-black-eye who years later facebooks the now-in-prison-for-armed-robbery-ex, I began wondering what they’d gotten into since our brief but torrid affair. Had they risen through the ranks of grieferdom to the very top? Were they highly sought-after and richly paid guns for hire to the top alliance in the game? CEOs? Tycoons?



Instead, it looks like their next grief-dec against a tower-holding corp got them a big heaping serving of comeuppance, served with healthy side of “karma is a bitch, bitches” by losing 2.4 billion isk to zero kills against the defending corp. Needless to say, I giggled heartily.

Revenge: a dish best served by other, much more capable people ;). Thanks Mirage Knights!


P.S. Oh yes, and Jita Suppression Corp has since disbanded; over-all net losses aren’t exactly good for the grief-for-profit biz you know…


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